Seeing a close up picture of your own face and freely sharing it with all your friends and foes πŸ€” is a risk we take that can open a door to either criticism or positive love.

Today, I want to write about three other kinds of ‘selfies’ that we should focus on:

1. Self – respect

Self-respect is everything. If we allow others to treat us poorly just because we love them… then we have sacrificed our dignity and self-respect.

Don’t let anyone get comfortable with disrespecting you. Making ourselves a priority is not a selfish act but a necessary act of self-respect. How you speak to yourself is how others will speak to you and about you. Remember we cannot POUR from an empty jug.

2. Self -worth

The dictionary meaning of self-worth is the opinion you have about yourself and the value you place on yourself.

Don’t expect anyone to love or respect you if you don’t unreservedly love yourself first. How we feel about ourselves affects every area of our lives πŸ€”. If others treat us badly, recognize your worth and walk away from the crowd.

3. Self – esteem

Having low self-esteem can make you a victim of abuse and other unwanted behaviours. On the other hand….having too much self-esteem can make a person overly confident to a fault…. So there must be a healthy balance.

If we want to feel good about ourselves in a healthy way – we must do things that actually make us feel proud, accomplished, appreciated, and respected… or… at least taking steps towards acheiving these goals.

Finally, it is not arrogrant to feel proud of the things that you are actually good at. You have worked hard at not giving up on yourself. So give yourself credit for believing in YOU.

9 thoughts on “Selfies

  1. Good word! We are told to love others, as we love ourselves. It, therefore, is imperative that we love ourselves. May this word dwell richly in us.

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