No Matter What’s Going On – Hold on to Your Peace

A survivor is one who copes well with difficulties in their lives.

A warrior is one who finds courage to stay in the fight.

There are seasons when it seems like we are always fighting one battle after another. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep our chin up because some battles knock the wind out of us.

After earning your Survivor’s Status …. move right along to the Warrior’s category – find the courage to stay in the fight.

The best thing we can do when our peace is threatened is – find a quiet place (under a mango tree?😊) to talk to GOD, read the Scripture, and play some encouraging worship songs.

Allow the peace of God to RULE our hearts and mind.

When we don’t see an attack coming our way … and we are thrown a curve ball – it’s natural to feel terrified and anxious. It’s like being dumped on a deserted island with no survival skills. Then -we must make every effort to remain in peace.

And the peace of God that rises above ALL our understanding, will KEEP and GUARD OUR HEARTS AND MINDS.

In seasons of great distress and grief our anchor holds fast to our Saviour Jesus Christ… the only One who is in full command of the battlefield.

Victory may not come overnight … but when God takes pleasure in our commitment to Him, NOTHING will make us stumble and fall.

God’s unfailing love for us will not be shaken nor His covenant of peace be removed.

In this world we will have trouble. But take heart!!! Jesus our kinsman reedemer has OVERCOME the world.

Spoiler alert: WE ALWAYS WIN! Whether in the morning, next month, or next five years – choose to remain in peace….God has not forgotten you.

6 thoughts on “No Matter What’s Going On – Hold on to Your Peace

  1. Dearest Junie, thank you for the reminder to pause and pray. I am now catching up with 2 days reading. Thank you for your faithfulness in your daily posts.
    Blessings and love always! 💞

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