Are We Ready for our Tomorrow?

Life has its seasons and along with those seasons change will come and change sometimes is difficult to accept but life doesn’t wait for you to approve its current season. Yep!! That was the meaning of a run-on sentence! (Shaking my head – smh).

Because our children will always be our children, there will come a time when we may no longer be able to tell them what to do. But….we can only pray and hope that their choices will reflect their upbringing.

Parenting began the moment you were handed your baby in the delivery room, and yes, the manual was too large to be delivered at the same time.

There is great advice on parenting young kids but few on the role of parents with adult children. It takes tremendous amount of courage and self control to allow our kids to suffer the consequences of their bad decisions.

Plot twist – parents can ONLY give advice to their adult children … but…the final choices lie in their children’s hands.

Suggestion #1:

Let go of guilt – our kids lead their own lives and their CHOICES reflect them. We should not blame ourselves for anything our adult children do or don’t.


Let go of worry – it’s hard to find a parent that doesn’t worry over their kids whether they are newborns or retirees. Our children are our hearts . Letting go is hard work since we became protectors from the first day they were born. Seasons change – it’s time to let them go.

Coping techniques:

1. It’s time to put our feet up and pat ourselves on the back that we have survived the early days of child rearing to seeing them living their adult lives in their chosen pathways.

2. If you raised your children well – do yourself a favor and rest now. Your sacrifices were well worth it. Vacations are great way to slow down.

3. It’s time to let go of guilt and worry. Will it be easy? No, the struggle is real…but…we can win day by day. We can start today and make a great ending.

4. Don’t let insecurity ruin your tomorrow. You did your best….make yourself a PRIORITY. Someone once said – If your kids didn’t hate you once in your life – you are NOT doing your job properly.

5. Somethings do not get closure….so move along and enjoy the rest of your life. Be thankful that you are alive today, and give it your very best. There’s no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one.

4 thoughts on “Are We Ready for our Tomorrow?

  1. Today’s blog is chock full of practical advice. We train our children “in the way that they should go”. When they do “go”, we commit them to the LORD and prayerfully watch as they make their life choices. Blessings as we let go and let them “go”.πŸ‘­πŸ’

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