Discipline or Motivation?

To be motivated one must be keen to do something ….because you find it interesting or exciting.

To be disciplined one must do things … even if you don’t want to.

I’ve had many days when I felt motivated to get things done ….but distractions interrupted my plans. What do you do when you feel motivated to get something done and distractions come along?

Those days I had to rely on self-discipline to complete the task at hand.

When my willpower runs low and fatigue creeps in…then I have to fully depend on self-discipline to keep me from giving lame excuses and reasons.

Without discipline I can lose my zeal to get many things done. My love for writing requires self- discipline…but I also need to be motivated to remain disciplined.

With motivation and no discipline my life can easily become chaotic and unfruitful in many ways.

Discipline teaches me that I am taking responsiblity for my wins. A lack of discipline will make me have many losses even if I am motivated to performing a task.

To be motivated is a plus…but discipline will make me stick to my decisions and follow them through, without me changing my mind.

Disciplined people work tirelessly at what they do and they don’t make excuses. It takes discipline to keep trying when discouragement shows up it’s ugly face.

In a race, all runners run to receive a prize, but only one receives the prize. Run in such a way to receive the prize, and to finish strong.

6 thoughts on “Discipline or Motivation?

  1. Love it!!!! This is very helpful to Me right now you are absolutely right i need discipline to motivate me I have been practicing a lot lately but it’s funny to know I’m not the only one that can be so motivated at times but get nothing done. LOL

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