Can We Get Honest?

I’ve been thinking recently on how far I have come from the girl I used to be. I had so many insecurities while growing up. My insecurities were stealing my dreams and my confidence. I just didn’t believe in myself.

Looking back now – I wasted far too many years feeling and acting insecure. Once I came to my senses that enough was enough….I became unstoppable.

If I had one moment in time to revisit my early years, I would tell myself, “Stop losing yourself in FEAR.” I was terrified of failing. The fear of failing became a roadblock to me moving past my very familiar spaces and faces.

Fear is demon and the longer you have ties with it, is the worse it becomes to walk away from the painful shackles.

Insecurity is an ongoing battle that requires immediate attention whenever you are under an attack.

I remember those days when I would wake up and go to bed feeling insignificant and unworthy….simply because I compared myself to other people’s chapters and listened to voices that instill fear into my life.

I hope that I’m not the only person on planet earth to have had these challenges.

The truth is, God has graciously given to everyone a gift or two or many…depending on our abilities. No one came out of their mother’s womb deprived of a bright future.

There’s a God-given purpose in EVERYONE of us waiting for it to be discover.

We are all full of possibilities and potential….and we need to find a way to prove it to ourselves.

Little dreams can become bigger ones if we stop trying to explain them or make sense of them.

Insecurities lowers our self-esteem. Finding our VOICE is a very personal thing and it really has nothing to do with anyone else.

God told David – Pursue, overtake and recover.

There’s a hidden treasure inside of you and I. It’s worth pursuing it, overtaking our failures, and recovering all…. creating the best life we can possibly have on planet earth.

Show up! Do a good job! Double up! Reap a harvest! Wait on God.

Repeat all of the above as often as needed.

Don’t let fear keep you back – consistency keeps you moving closer to the goal.

8 thoughts on “Can We Get Honest?

  1. I love watching your story unfold and I am excited as I know “there is more to come”. Sharing your dreams and cheering you on your journey has been my joy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree with you too my friend. It’s a great feeling to be set free. No turning back at all…under no conditions.

      Appreciate your feedback and encouragement


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