A Strong Woman

A strong woman does not always win, but she doesn’t give up when she loses.

She shapes her worries into prayers, letting God know her concerns. And before she knows it, there’s a peace that passes her understanding that emotionally quiets all her anxieties.

Show me a strong woman who emotionally bounces back time after time…and I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s her confidence in God that has kept her going stronger and stronger.

A strong woman knows that it takes a lot of courage to become the woman she is today.

Over the years she built a lifetime relationship with a God that has stood by her side through the good times and more so through the battles of her life.

When she worries about things she can’t control, God’s presence in her life reminds her that she need not worry because her life is in His hands.

Sometimes God allows things to break her down so she could learn from her mistakes and build a stronger foundation with Him as the architect.

A strong woman knows if she doesn’t take care of herself, she will not be strong enough to take care of others. So when she’s tired, she takes a rest… but she will not quit.

She works her way to the front row and quietly sit there unruffled by the external pressure of her life. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of her life.

A strong woman doesn’t make excuses why she can’t get things done. Instead she focuses on all the reasons why she must get it done.

Her goal is to be better than she used to be. She understands clearly the difference between a bad day and a bad life, and makes the right decision accordingly.

You can tell who the strong women are, they are the ones building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

She knows her strength and help others cross their bridge. A strong woman is extremely faithful and has a lovely nurturing side that she shows to those she likes.

Finally, a strong woman can be confident without becoming arrogant. She keeps on shining after every storm. She became a somebody that nobody taught she could be.

6 thoughts on “A Strong Woman

  1. Blessed is that woman whose strenght is in the Lord. Indeed, our strength is made petfect in weakness. You have shared so many hidden secrets we may used as tools.
    Thank you for building us up.
    Stay Blessed.

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