Spoiler Alert on RIP

Recently while reading the newspapers …I saw the acronym RIP on two separate articles of men who were murdered….and to my great astonishment as I continued to read, I saw the words ‘RETURN IF POSSIBLE’. Pardon me, I’m thinking here for a second …🤔

To be honest, I already had an issue with the original meaning of RIP – Rest In Peace or Rest In Paradise ….and now to add to my confused state of mind – RETURN IF POSSIBLE seems to be spreading like a bad joke or a rumor.

So let me share my perspective:

Fact – Based on my Google research – the most read book in history is the BIBLE. Over the last 50 years the BIBLE outsold any other book by a whooping 3.9 billion copies.

So let me not make this too complicated….the Holy BIBLE is still very relevant today.

The Bible has 66 books, divided into the Old and New Testament. The book of Hebrews the 19th book in the New Testament says, we are destined to die ONCE and then face judgement on a day predestined by God….a day no human being knows.

As I understand the word death in accordance with the Holy Bible….There’s no returning back to earth to live if possible. There’s no resting in peace or paradise.

Spoiler Alert – No one will be coming back from the dead as a fly, an animal or an angel. Nobody is watching over you or I. No one who has departed from earth is praying for you or I. Death is final or silent until Jesus returns.

We are all on our own living our life just like our departed loved ones did when they were living on earth. No priest, pope, saint, parents, grandparents, Iman, pastor etc. can pray or plead our case after we have departed from earth.

There was once a rich man and a poor man who both died. The rich man who lived in luxury died and was buried. He went to Hell where he was tormented. He looked up and saw the poor man who died the same time as him with Abraham.

The rich man cried out to Father Abraham to have pity on him and to send the poor man to dip his finger in water to cool his tongue because he was in agony in Hell’s fire.

Father Abraham responded to the rich man that there was a great deep narrow valley that has been set in place between Hell and Heaven, and no one can cross over.

Then he begged Father Abraham to send the poor man to warn his family so they will not come to the place of torment.

Abraham said to the rich man, your family has folks who are warning them…so let them listen.

The rich man persistent in his request propose to Abraham that if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.

Abraham said to him, if your family will not listen to those who are warning them about Heaven and Hell …. will they not even listen to a dead person who came back from the grave?

Abraham confirmed to the rich man who had died that there is a fixed deep narrow valley between Heaven and Hell. In other words, it’s non-negotiable.

When death occurs be it you or I…it is single file departure from earth. We are not going in pairs, or families. It’s a single file departure. Everyone is holding their own ticket.

We do not leave in groups…there’s no RIP – RETURN IF POSSIBLE OR REST IN PEACE OR REST IN PARADISE.

After death, there is Judgement Day where we will be called by the Grand Master Himself to give an account on what we did with our yesterday and today.

It is appointed unto man, once to die. No one knows when their time on earth will end – only God. So we must make our position in Christ sure.

Spoiler Alert:

Everybody doesn’t go to Heaven when they die…even if they were good folks.

No one comes back in any other form of life, like mentioned above in my earlier statements

Jesus died for sinners not for those who are good. Heaven is only for those who have accepted that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. They have been bought with a price and their sins are forgiven.

A life with Jesus is so worth here and afterwards.

“Whoever keeps God’s commandments keeps their life, but whoever shows contempt for their ways will die.” Proverbs 19:16

4 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert on RIP

  1. Thank GOD for HIS Word and HIS precious, unfailing promises. Thank you for the clear, unwavering declaration of the Word. Blessings! 👭 💝

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