Self Worth

Until the world returns back to the Garden of Eden before Eve took the bait…then women must dress modestly to be respected.

Self worth is the value we place on ourselves, and not settling for anything less than we deserve.

When you don’t know your worth, you can sell yourself short. When you sell yourself short…your missing links (heart and brains) are left crying out for attention.

When perverts see boobs, thighs, and butts they go crazy even if it was not your intention. So, put a mark up on your ‘merchandise’ and stop selling yourself short.

Provocatively dressed women are responsible for men’s sexual behavior….yes you will get attention, but from the ones who will not add value to your worth.

Humans see only what’s visible to their eyes, so don’t be fooled by the sudden attention….you and your pillow know the truth.

A confident woman knows that looks aren’t everything. She also knows that she don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. She’s aware of her strengths and dresses modestly because she has nothing to prove to anyone.

Don’t let your happiness depend on your outward appearance …hold strong to your convictions and let respect write your chapters.

Being a strong and confident woman requires that we don’t change a good heart to fit into a cold, hard world.

Women, we are royalty and we have a Heavenly Father that’s crazy in love with us. Even while making dinner….we can wear our crown because our worth is never diminished by the chores we get done around the house.

When we know that we are loved…there’s no need to impress….we are free to be ourselves.

We must be strong enough to look past striving to impress the world, to see our true worth in the bathroom mirror. That’s the self that is worth finding.

Not to spoil the ending … but when you know you deserve better… better will come to you.

6 thoughts on “Self Worth

  1. Each of us is responsible for the choices we make – both men and women alike. When you are confident in WHO loves you, you do not need to show off your body to attract attention. Thankful for our firm foundation. Blessings, Junie 👭 💝

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  2. Great words. Those who brandish all often create problems for those who don’t as the perverted men expect the same from all women. Standing strong in who we are is important. I dress respectfully for myself and nobody else. I am capable of speaking for myself I do not need outlandish clothes to do this for me. Blessings to you, well said.

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