Looking For A Good Tenant?

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep vigilant watch over your heart that’s where life starts.”

It’s so easy to get distracted in life with sideshows….they are the little annoying things that steals your attention and make you lose focus on your road to destiny.

One of the sideshows is when a relationship goes south. So many of us trip over how to get past this sideshow distraction.

Not all relationships are built to last, no matter how badly we wish they could. It can feel so very scary and uncomfortable to move past a relationship that has turned sour.

Life isn’t always easy, but we can be resilient if we stop renting space in our heads to bad memories.

Some things will build us up and some will tear us down. It’s eventually your choice to make each and every day.

It’s interesting to know how well our hearts can rebuild after a bad relationship if we only find the courage to grow and learn.

Keep vigilant watch over your heart for that is where life starts.

Our days on earth is far too short to stay stuck in the past or with people who hurts us. We should have enough respect for ourselves to let go and move on. Yes, it may hurt …but this too will pass.

Keep company with God. Get quiet before Him and remain prayerful. Don’t bother with those who climb the ladder and elbow their way to the top.

Cool yourself and resist the urge to think evil thoughts. God isn’t losing any sleep.

If we stumble, we will not be down for long. God has a grip on our hand. Not once will you see someone who trusts in God go roaming the streets. Turn away from evil thoughts and don’t quit doing good.

Watch your step and the road will stretch out smooth before you. Don’t let anyone rent space on your head, unless they are a good tenant.

4 thoughts on “Looking For A Good Tenant?

  1. Practical and wise advice will benefit those who heed it. Blessings on life’s journey, as you strengthen and encourage your fellow travellers.

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