“Forget all the bad things, your troubles and the drama others have bought into your life. Enjoy today and look forward to a weekend of smiles”.


Thank God it’s FR!DAY!! Be good to yourself and to everyone who you meet along the way. A simple smile goes a long way.

Thank you for being a part of my reading audience. Without you … there will be no me.

🤗🤗 From January 6th to April 19th, 2018 …I am grateful to have had persons from seventy-six (76) countries who visited my site.

I am encouraged with every act of kindness shown to me via comments left on my blogs, direct messages, sent emails, those who shared my blogs on social media, those who have encouraged me to write a book, and to those who have clicked the like buttons.

A special thanks to my sister Joy who have never missed one blog for the last three years …along with daily leaving a comment. Thank you my sister. You rock!

To my faithful husband who have been my friend and supporter – Thank you. You never complain about my late nights or the tappings on my keyboard. Love you!

To my virtual friends Karina Lam –


John Cowgill –

Both of whom I have never met …but have read and clicked the like buttons countless times – Thank you! ….You have taught me that bloggers speak in many languages.

Sending lots of love and well wishes to each and every one of you my readers. See you all on Monday!

Jesus is definitely at the center of it all.

6 thoughts on “FR!DAY 👍

  1. Love you! Love your blogs! I look forward each day – Monday through Friday – to read what’s on your mind! Love your lighthearted Fridays as well. Helps to kickstart my weekends. So happy for the many lives you touch on a daily basis even when you are not using your keyboard. Blessings! 💕 👭

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  2. Showing appreciation is one of your special giftings.
    Continue to do this – Reaching out and touching the lives of many.
    Stay Blessed.

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