Amazing Grace

Growing up in the 1950s…television, cellular phones, computers, and video games were unheard of….but yet my siblings and I had a good life.

We were free to play outside with our friends…. and our parents were never worried about us. Playing hopscotch on the pavements and skipping ropes were our favorite past times. We were well mannered, and the happiness that came from knowing that Mommy was always at home made our home a delightful place to live.

Life was pretty much very simple and routine… and very little was needed to keep my siblings and I happy.

Too bad things are so tough these days for parents and children.

Today, children are forced to look at every stranger as a prime suspect of a criminal act. Schools are unsafe for both teachers and students alike. Even churches are unsafe as paedophiles and unwanted characters lurk around for unsuspecting children and adults.

Having four daughters and two granddaughters I would love to leave a positive legacy since I cannot change the world for them.

I’m passionate about how young ladies see themselves.

I don’t think anyone should compromise their integrity to find true love.

Below are 12 suggestions that I’ve come up with to reassure young ladies that good choices pay off…

1. You are a product of your decisions. Whatever decisions you make, you must be able to live with it for a lifetime. Bad decisions are unforgettable.

2. Let wisdom prevail when choosing your friends. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

3. Total commitment comes before physical contacts. Chasing guys are not cool. When guys are pursued they lose interest.

4. God made you and He gifted you with enough strength to carry your dreams to fruition. You and God make the best team.

5. Any man with the ability to flirt can melt your heart…but, a real man will make other young ladies become jealous of you.

6. Verbal abuse; Mental abuse; Physical abise; Emotional abuse; Financial abuse; Spousal abuse or any kind of abuse is not love. A real man will not cause pain to his woman.

7. Being trashy doesn’t draw the right attention. Men with good intentions prefer women that have self-respect and high values.

8. It takes more than a wink, a like on your Facebook picture, or someone approaching you for your cellphone number to find true love.

9. Work hard at what you do well and watch your confidence rise.

10. Don’t wait until you lose your parents then to appreciate the sacrifices they made for you.

11. When in doubt pray. If you find yourself overthinking … go back and pray.

12. Your number one relationship is with Jesus. He will take care of everything that you will ever face today, tomorrow and the next day.

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