If You Own The Story – You Get To Write The Ending

No one can rewrite their past, but we have control over the chapters to come. We have a choice to either get stuck where we are now and never move ahead, or we can choose to own our story… and write the ending for ourselves.

To have an intriguing ending, we must focus on finding the joy in the journey.

I remembered the good ole days when we took our kids on road trips. Everyone would be so excited before and during the first two hours of the trip…but because we were confined and limited to the family SUV … eventually the youngest one started the popular roadtrip song, ‘Are we there yet?’

Before long, we were forced to make frequent unplanned stops along the way to keep the youngest child happy…who at this point was bored of music, games, singing, books etc.

What should have taken us nine hours… took us twelve hours. Once we arrived at our destination Disney World, the kids forgot the torturing trip and off they go to a whole new world that’s so enchanting.

What about the birthing room? Contractions are intense, water sac ruptures, contractions get stronger and last longer, pain is intense and tears are involuntary….but within a matter of minutes, baby arrives safely into the loving arms of excited parents. No one remembers the pain anymore.

Here’s something to consider if you want a brave ending to your story:

Stay with me on this journey – the first two scenarios had happy endings in spite of the rough start. No one was ever promised a life without challenges…but it’s encouraging to know that we can find joy in the journey.

If we own the story, we get to write the ending.

Job 14: 7-10 says, “For there is hope for a tree, if it is cut down.” ….this means even if the body of the tree be cut down, and the stump be left in the ground, there is hope that the tree will sprout again by the dew of the earth and the rain from heaven.

Things happen all the time to cut us down and to bring on discouragement …. but if we maintain hope in God …we will write again and have the ending we desire. We are more powerful than we believe.

When we take all of our life’s experiences and share them as tools for learning – we own our story. When we own our story – we get to write a brave ending.

Our life consists of many chapters…if we tell ourselves that life is meaningless, then we will end up most miserable and extremely frustrated.

If we tell ourselves that our experiences in life were really God’s gifts to us, then we get to write our own ending. It’s called HOPE. HOPE IN GOD will NOT PUT US TO SHAME.

How are we planning to write our ending?

2 thoughts on “If You Own The Story – You Get To Write The Ending

  1. Our loving, Heavenly Father is the Author and Finisher of our faith. I am so glad I learned to trust HIM. My future is safe in HIS hands. πŸ™‡πŸ‘­πŸ’

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