‘The internet provides a home for anyone and everyone’. I first read this statement online and it stumped me right in my tracks. It grabbed my attention moving me to write this post.

The internet is in love with you whether you are fat or short, skinny or tall, rich or poor, popular or unpopular, suicidal or party goer, pedophile or saint, lonely or a member of a huge family….the internet loves you and me. It doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

The internet is there to appease whatever is your fantasy or whatever knowledge you require at that time. The internet is there to keep your company – you will never be lonely again.

If you are in search of midnight love or someone to talk to on any given topic in the lonely hours of the mornings – the internet has someone waiting for you.

The internet connects millions of people all over the world with a simple touch of a button. It is a very scary place for bored, innocent children and adults who can become actively engaged simply by using their cellphone while in bed.

The internet is the new kind of drug that has the power to make a person become so heavily addicted and dependent on it by clicking on sites that covers a wide variety of topics including hardcore pornography.

Porn has sneaked into our homes corrupting innocent children and destroying marriages. The internet is an easy and secretive way to build unhealthy relationships with complete strangers making them lifelong friends.

Pornography in years gone by was a nude picture and if someone showed you it, it was like WOW! It was not easily accessible. But with the internet on cellphones … pornographic videos showing explicit images of sexual acts can be viewed 7 days a week …365 days a year…24 hours a day.

Kids as young as 8 years old are openly confessing that they are gay. A student 15 years old recently chopped off his mother’s hand and dealt her several blows to her body at 7am on a school morning because she took away his cellphone the night before, and scolded him for not doing his schoolwork.

Busy parents earning the ‘golden dollar’ are relieved to have free babysitting services by placing a cellphone in the hands of their children. They are unsuspecting parents who are unaware that their kid’s shows can contain ads that have sexual contents.

Who is standing on guard for our family and our homes? When the guard takes a nap…the thief enters in and relieves the family of all their precious valuables.

Friends, we may be leading hectic lives juggling many balls in the air, but there are countless unscrupulous people that are also kept busy stealing our children and our spouses away from us.

A thief is only there to steal, to kill, and to destroy. Thieves are women and men who thrives on fulfilling the needs of gullible, hungry and lonely folks. Their job is to get them hooked and swiftly move on to their next victim.

Some parents think it will never happen to their children…some spouses assumes that they fall into the safe category…a thief will go after his victim until he or she wins.

Technology has improved that even our phone knows if it’s been stolen. There’s an app that learns it’s owner’s movements and habits to recognize when a thief is using it. We put passwords on our phones to prevent thieves from stealing our information. We have cameras in our homes to detect a break in. We can lock and unlock our cars remotely. These things were unimaginable years ago when life was a little less complicated.

Now, my question is, Who is keeping a watchful eye on our homes and our families? Aren’t they are more valuable than our material treasures?

No one can enter a strongman’s house without first tying him up. When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are UNDISTURBED.

8 thoughts on “It’s Called INTEGRITY

  1. So true. It is a most powerful tool. Information and communication is now at our finger tips and instanteous, but it can be misused. We need to guard ourselves and our little ones, both in word (what we say) and in deed (what we ourselves do).
    Keep on writing!

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  2. Very powerful and sobering admonitions. May GOD preserve our families and loved ones from the very real dangers of the internet. May we always choose to walk in integrity.
    Blessings as you continue to sound the alarm πŸ‘­β€οΈ

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  3. We all need help to protect our family and ourselves for the dangers of the present day world. God is the ultimate protector. Ask and you shall receive.

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  4. We have been trying to engage more people to take this very seriously. Invited some good speakers to address this awareness. Thank you for this, aunty. I pray that we all guard our homes, our hearts, our minds and our families from this.

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