What Would Bring You To Jesus?

When life is great and we are physically capable of doing business as usual – there’s no need to look for help or go to a physician.

But then, life has a way throwing a curve ball at us….then everything including those critically important agendas comes to a complete halt.

We are now faced with an unexpected twist to our bright and successful life.

What would bring you to Jesus? A broken promise, Divorce, Heartbreak, Death of a loved one, Bankruptcy, Sickness..etc

In Matthew 9:2 a paralytic man came to Jesus lying on a bed. The man had uncontrolled body movements that confined him to his bed.

This man needed a physician … so his friends bought him to Jesus. Friends don’t let friends live life without Jesus.

Jesus seeing their faith, firstly addresses the paralytic man by calling him ‘Son’. Jesus is all about relationships.

What did Jesus see in him to call him son?

Jesus saw his faith and his friends’ faith.Their belief that Jesus can quickly turn this situation around – bought them to Jesus….and there was a plot twist…they became friends.

A true friend will bring you to Jesus.

Here’s a little insight into how powerful Jesus is when you come to Him with one situation:

1. He is all about relationships. He makes you feel connected by calling you friend, son, child, brother, and beloved.

2, Jesus addresses the man’s emotional condition by telling him to be of good cheer. The paralytic man taught his only need was to walk again. But, Jesus knew he needed firstly to be encouraged.

Only Jesus can quickly identify the nature of our illness … and fix it.

3. Jesus addresses the paralytic man’s sins. He forgave him of his sins.

The man came for healing, but Jesus knew that the forgiveness of his sins would miraculously bring about his healing. We may not know how, and we may not know when ….but we know Jesus can do it again and again.

We were born sinners from the moment we were conceived. We all need the Physician…forgiveness of sins is of greater value than lying around in hopelessness.

4. Jesus orders the paralytic man to take up his bed and go back to his house.

Who can do this? Our God who has power over the wind, water, gravity, sickness, brokenness….He’s infinite and all powerful.

Sometimes we look for the wrong solutions to life’s problems. We like quick fixes – and the devil enjoys keeping us immobilized by our conditions.

Could it be that all we really need is a relationship with Jesus.

A relationship with Jesus brings about a happy heart.

A happy heart gives you a new perspective on life.

A new perspective on life picks you up from lying around in your house.

5. The paralytic man took up his bed and walked back to his house.

The things that keep us bugged down in life is the very same thing that God will use as proof that He can do the impossible.

When the multitudes saw the miracle… they were in awe and knew it was only God who could do it.

Who comes to Jesus?

Those who need a physician.

Every human being faces curve balls…in times like these we need a physician.

The paralytic man received his healing in three ways:

1. Relational

2. Happy heart

3. Forgiveness of sins

What’s keeping you from seeing the Great Physician?

Miracles happen to those who put their trust in Jesus. It’s kinda of weird that we can trust our doctors who don’t have all the answers or power to heal…but we struggle to come to Jesus.

Miracles are not man made. Miracles are God ordained.

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