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” Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children in one’s youth.” Proverbs 127:4

Children are gifts from God. They are unique in their nature and it’s very challenging to bring them up. Having a toddler in my home allows me an opportunity to listen closely to some of the nursery rhymes kids these days are exposed to… here’s an example:

Johny, Johny,

Yes, Papa?

Eating sugar?

No Papa!

Telling lies?

No Papa!

Open your mouth

Ah, ah, ah!”

I struggle to bring myself to terms with this nursery rhyme. Little Jonny is confronted by his Papa for eating sugar. He lies repeatedly to his Papa for the entire duration of the nursery rhyme. I think the nursery rhyme is ridiculous, and lacks good morals.

Yet, it’s one of the nursery rhymes to pop up on every list of children’s songs.

My point is, parents you have the sole responsibility of raising little Johny to speak the truth at all cost. We do not let the world teach our children.

Instilling traits and values in the classrooms of our homes allow our children to become more and more confident in their decision making.

We do not get a second chance to raise our children as good citizens. If we are the archers… then it’s imperative that we shoot to hit our targets with accuracy and precision.

Our children’s identity is found in God (spiritual identity, emotional identity, and sexual identity). In bringing up our children, we must train them to submit to God and His Word. It’s futile to blame others if our children end up on the wrong side of the fence, or inside someone else’s fence, or if they have wobbly beliefs.

The best school to learn about speaking truths, relationship goals, resolving conflicts, self-motivation, confidence and values, are in the University of Home – UOH.

As archers, we need to target whether we are going to raise them to the standards of the world or will it be the old fashion Godly home upbringing.

If our children’s dreams get shattered …. would they find a greater satisfaction in serving God or would they lose hope and become fainthearted?

Are we raising children whose identity goes further than the sports industry, the beauty pageants, the supermarket magazines, and the faked TV commercials?

How our children survive after a devastating loss speaks volumes on how we spent our arrows training days.

The millennium generation who have despised their upbringing have sought to experiment with their own children by allowing their children’s voices and opinions to be the rule of the day.

Some parents are more focused on their children’s emotions than their behavior.

Gone were the days when behaviour ruled over emotions. Allow me to clear up this point – children’s emotions are important, extremely important…

But parents should never move the old boundary lines for fear of them losing the love of their children.

Proverbs 22:28

“Do not remove an ancient boundary stone set up by your ancestors.”

Our world is feeling the crunch of those who have removed the boundary lines set up by their ancestors.

Children have turned against their parents. Parents are living in fear of speaking out. Our communities are filled with violence and our schools have become extremely hostile towards prayer.

Parenting does not change with times…there have been boundary lines established by our ancestors that God warned us not to remove.

To have a God-fearing home, you cannot let the fear of your children stop you.

4 thoughts on “University of Home

  1. Fearless, yet GOD-fearing exposition. May we all take heed. Blessings as you continue to expose the truth and provide guidance.

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  2. The outcome of the different types of parenting over the last two generations is very evident by the world we live in today. The boundary lines really need to be reinstated.

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