A Walk to Remember

My Motto:

The pain I feel today will be my platform tomorrow.

It’s important to believe that God never allows pain without a purpose… that’s why we cannot or should not do life without God. How else will you find the purpose in your pain if the teacher isn’t there?

We all must experience painful situations. Most times it’s a lonely walk with tears streaming down your face, or broken hearts that have been ripped apart time after time, or memories that keep replaying the same scenes in our minds.

So the question is, how do we survive a painful experience?

1. Acknowledge your pain – “I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

2. Don’t rehearse it but reverse it by looking for the positive side to it… pain has purpose. Pain is a process that takes us to another level of maturity if we don’t give in to pity parties or excuses.

3. Proverbs 26 says, ‘Don’t worry when someone curses you … such words are like birds that fly past and never stops….Without wood, a fire goes out.

4. Our fight is never against people on earth….it’s not your spouse, your children, your employer, your ex, or any human being. Our life or death fight is against the Devil and his angels … all of whom we cannot see. It’s demonic activites rooting for our sanity and peace of mind.

5. We are up against far more than you or I could handle on our own.

6. Holding on to pain and keeping a diary of wrongs will suffocate the life out of us, eventually leaving us completely drained and depressed.

7. Problems are unavoidable and we must not allow it to take over our lives.

8. It’s an opportunity to grow and to use the lessons as a platform to inspire others that God has a plan and will use it to make us a better person. We all are a work in progress.

9. We need to take all the help we can get to push past the pain – God always shows up wherever He is invited.

10. When the pain is gone, only with our eyes we see the reward of the wicked. God doesn’t need our help to fight against the Devil, all He needs is our cooperation to remain still.

Finally, Prayer is essential when faced with a painful experience. Remain sweet and healthy, and let them wonder how we made it.

11 thoughts on “A Walk to Remember

    1. Thanks @santha81i I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. It’s quite encouraging. There’s purpose in our pain. All things will work together for our good. Be encouraged


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