Relationship Is Work

Within recent times I began seeing this hashtag “#relationshipgoals” when referring to a couple that someone admires.

Relationships takes work. There are no cookie cutters or duplicates when it comes to relationships.

It’s folly to believe that one can look at pictures of Mr &Mrs S. Carter and assume that they want to make them their #relationshipgoals. It’s simply ridiculous.

The truth is, even the happiest and most loyal of relationships require work. And certainly it’s not the majority that wants to put in the time and loyalty to make their own relationship work.

Couples who make their relationships work knows how important it is to swallow their ego, bite their lips and pick their battles. A healthy relationship requires time, attention and lots of affection.

Ego is deadly. A harsh word is a roadblock. Anger burns the house down.


1. Know what makes her happy or what makes him happy and focus on that

2. Do something, anything exciting. Excitement creates a bond. I enjoy times when we both get to experience something different from the norm. The memories live on…

3. There’s no perfect marriage, so give each other a break. Don’t dwell on the negative. Think if you had one last chance to say something to your spouse what would you say. Life is not guaranteed to anyone – even your spouse.

4. Support each other in whatever way you can. Encouragement keeps the relationship from becoming a lonely walk. What makes the other person tick…should make you tick.

Three things you will never recover:

1. The occasion you missed

2. The time after it is missed

3. The person after they are gone.

Accidents changes everything. Sickness levels the playing field. Death is the common denominator.

6 thoughts on “Relationship Is Work

  1. Great, powerful and practical advice. Wisdom to be heeded. Blessings for another powerful week of blogging ministry. 👭💝

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  2. Excellent advice. This can also be extended to life in general, where the fostering healthy relationships brings success not things.

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  3. June thanks for the healthy advice. You are so blessed to have the wisdom of Lord such an intelligent Lady. I was blinded, listened to the lies of satan Lord knows it is the truth. Lord is a Lord of 2nd 3rd chances, each day my heart cries for another chance. This journey has taken me deeper in Jesus.
    God has made me the woman He created to be.
    Love & blessings. Elizabeth

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    1. Dear Elizabeth, thanking God for our journey in life. We learn many lessons along the way that help us to write another chapter. Each chapter is important.

      God is fighting for you. Your walk with Jesus is the most important one. He walks with you and talks with you. Stay strong.

      Thanks for your encouragement and kind thoughts.


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