Help, the Kids are Adults!

Life gets busy, babies need to nap, kids get sick, there’s after school extracurricular activities, husbands get home late from work, plans have to be canceled, meals have to be prepared for the family including those special requests for the picky eaters, university papers are spread across the dining table, and the list can go on and on. By now you guessed it….I’m talking about the household chores of Mom, Mommy, Ma, Mama – a rose by any other name is still a rose.

Motherhood changes everything in your life and in the home, but it’s a choice we make to put our kids first in our lives. We get emotional but yet we are the rock in our families.

Some days mothers feel like superheroes when their kids are young and impressionable ….and then there are those days when they feel like the villains in a movie as the kids approach their late teens and upwards.

When our kids are little they sit on our laps and fall asleep peacefully in our arms.

When they are older they break our hearts but we still love them with all the little fragmented pieces.

When did our kids grow up? When did this happen? When did we stop tucking them into bed? When did they stop throwing a tantrum because we had to leave them behind?

Seasons change in our children’s lives … but Mom … she struggles to let go.

Can I say that I repeatedly got lost in transitioning from my role of being a mother of young kids to becoming a parent of adult children.

The hardest part of Motherhood is when your kids are grown up. I think letting go is one of the most challenging experiences in parenting. You go from being a helicopter Mom to having an empty nest in a blink of an eye.

The Book of Ecclesiastes teaches us that there’s a time to hug someone and a time to stop holding so tightly. There’s a time to speak and a time to stay silent.

I learned that the best thing for people to do is to be happy and enjoy themselves as long as they live.

Simply ways to take back your life when the kids have reached adulthood:

1. Take care of yourself. Sleep deprivation affects your mood. Get more sleep. Get more sleep. Get more sleep.

2. Lower your expectations….then no one gets disappointed.

3. Don’t compare yourself with other mothers. Everyone looks perfect from far away, but you will be surprised to learn what happens behind the doors.

4. Do something you always wanted to do but never had the time.

5. What has happened in the past has happened, and what will happen in the future will happen.

“The older you get, is the better you get unless you are a banana.” Betty White

6 thoughts on “Help, the Kids are Adults!

  1. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing your wisdom from personal experience. I love you! You are an awesome Mommy, sister and woman! Blessings! πŸ‘­ πŸ’

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    1. Having a sister like you in my life is simply awesome. Thank you for loving me as a friend and sister. Loving you is easy as 123 😘😘


  2. Love you Mom. Great read. It’s really tough to change parenting styles as the little ones get older – i see it already in Kai (she already needs me differently at 10 them at 2) and definitely im D as I helped raise him from grade 9. But we are tough darling. We can do it.

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  3. I guess that the blog can also extend to fatherhood but the bond of motherhood is one that is incomparable. There is no comparison. Dads never had the physical and emotional link of the umbilical cord or carrying the baby for nine months, so letting go is easier.
    There is a special place in heaven for mothers, especially ones like you.

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    1. Thank you babe for adding your wisdom to this great task of motherhood. May God bless all the single mothers who do this all alone. ❣❣❣


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