Super Moms it’s Finally Friday

To all the amazing, loving, selfless and super moms of the world – Happy Mother’s Day to you. To the world you are a Mother, but to your family you are their world.

Thank you for not giving up on the most stressful job on the market. Thanks for all you do openly and secretly for your family. Thanks for giving up the last piece of pizza to make your your little one happy. Thanks for drying the tears and soothing the aching heart.

On Sunday the world celebrates you, but you do everything for everyone every day of the year. Thank you!

Here’s my little contribution to kick off your amazing weekend.

I have added a few extra funny quotes for you to share. Please choose one and pass it on to another Mommy ❤❤❤❤

Hoping every mother has a blast. You are loved.

Thanks a zillion for being part of my reading audience. This week my blogs were written with you in mind, hope you loved them all.

Together we are better.

See you on Monday when life is back to normal.

One thought on “Super Moms it’s Finally Friday

  1. Happy Mothers’ Day to you, dear Junie and to all the mothers in your readership. Have a wonderful weekend! ❤


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