The Kids Aren’t Ours

Could it be that as parents we may have missed the instructions from God concerning the raising of our children?

Without Godly direction we can be clueless about our children’s destiny. I’ve been thinking that maybe much of our frustration with our kids originated from being misinformed and misdirected.

In Judges 13 we read where the people of Israel did evil in God’s eyes and God placed the entire country under oppression for forty years. (Sounds pretty much like the world we live in today….well that’s another topic by itself).

During the forty years of oppression, God selected a barren and childless woman to conceive and bring forth a son. (Even in an evil and oppressive world God rules in mysterious ways).

God never does anything without clear instructions, but unfortunately we sometimes miss the instructions and we end up clueless as to where we went wrong.

In the Bible…This barren and childless woman was visited by an angel who gave her full disclosure of what was about to go down with her.

1. She was going to become pregnant and bear a son.

2. She must take much care of herself

3. Drink no wine or beer

4. Eat nothing unclean

5. No razor must touch her son’s hair from birth until he dies

6. He will be a powerful and incredibly strong leader like a modern day

7. He will bring the people of Israel out of captivity

Being alone is not a horrible idea. God speaks in our alone time. No competition with outside noise.

The mother to be was alone when the angel first appeared to her … she ran off to inform her husband that an angel appeared to her telling her that she was going to have a baby boy …. (isn’t it interesting to know that angels produced our first 3D pictures. There’s nothing new under the heavens).

The overly excited husband prayed to God asking God to send the angel back so he can be taught how to raise his son who was yet to be born. The BIBLE says that God listened to his prayer and the angel came again.

The Bible says, that Manoah and his wife never saw the angel again after the second visit.

The woman gave birth to a son and named him Samson. The boy grew and God began working in his life.

Here are my thoughts on this:

1. Parents, have we missed God’s voice speaking to us about our sons and daughters?

The angel appeared to the woman while she was sitting in a field. God speaks to us in the quietness of our hearts.

Every child has a Godly purpose that requires clear instructions from God and obedient parents.

There’s a far greater purpose to raising our children than wanting them to be educated, wealthy, get married and start a family. That is for our pride…but God has a deeper vision for our children.

2. Fathers, have you asked God to repeat the instructions on the upbringing of your sons and daughters? Without Godly wisdom our children can misdirected.

Our children are not our own. They are gifts from God. They are loaners…they are to be given back to God at the end of their expiry dates.

Is it POSSIBLE that we could be raising a mighty man or woman who can bring freedom to our people?

Why did God choose a barren and childless couple to raise Samson?

Could it be, that God wanted to reaffirm and to cast away doubts that there’s nothing, absolutely nothing too hard for Him to do? For a barren and childless woman to give birth to a child – is a miracle.

Our God sees things call impossible and goes right to work to make things happen. He is also a God of second chances.

It might be a great idea for us to pause for a second and have a chitchat with God asking Him for clear instructions concerning our sons and daughters.

It’s never over until we take our last breath….so we keep on praying….and God keeps on listening to our prayers.

It’s not impossible to recover from our mistakes and missteps. God used a barren and childless woman to prove that He can do the impossible.

4 thoughts on “The Kids Aren’t Ours

  1. YES!! GOD CAN! ! HE is the GOD of the impossible. Praying continuously for the children and grandchildren HE has loaned to us. May we hear HIS instructions clearly.

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  2. Yes, in today’s chaotic world it is critically important to seek God’s direction in raising children. The enemy is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. We do not want to lose them.

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