Counting Isn’t A Bad Idea…

In our teenage years anyone twenty-nine years and older is considered ‘old’.

In our thirtysomething years, anyone fifty years is ‘not so old’.

In our sixties, then we begin to hang out with people in their seventies.

When we get to our seventies, anyone younger than seventy is looked upon as a child.

It’s kinda of funny how our current age takes on a new perspective year after year.

Counting our birthday candles isn’t something that should be scary. Many people are terrified of getting old. I find aging is a gift to be cherished with dignity and wisdom.

Psalms 90:12 says, “Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well.” The years of our life are seventy(70), and if by good strength we can get added years.

To God our creator – one thousand years is as yesterday when it is past.

Time doesn’t have the same meaning for God that it has for us.

For us 1000 years is old, we cannot even imagine it. For God…it was only a short moment in time.

So our prayer should be for God to teach us to number our days with wisdom. We tell ourselves that if we eat healthy and exercise frequently then we will live long and enjoy a great life.

That’s not wisdom…that’s only taking care of your outward appearance. What’s next after you have expired your time on earth?

The life of a person is frail and short, and only God determines how many more days we have remaining to think what comes after this life. It’s not wisdom to think only of today.

We need The Teacher of all teachers, The Coach of all coaches to teach us how to accurately number our days applying wisdom.

To live with wisdom is to turn our attention on God, the author and the finisher of our Christian faith. When we were children, we thought and behave like children, but now we are adults, we must think and behave like adults.

Psalms 39: 4 says, “Our life is like a string too short to be saved…We are all like puffs of air.”

Maybe…we should give God some thought before it’s too late and we are out of here.

Life may be short, but our God is eternal. From everlasting to everlasting Jesus Christ is LORD!

4 thoughts on “Counting Isn’t A Bad Idea…

  1. What a comforting thought to know that HE Who gave us our first breath is also waiting at the finish line for us. “What a friend we have in JESUS!”

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