When Your Boat Capsizes

Regardless of how safe and beautiful your boat (life) may be…there are some untimely high tidial waves that abruptly interrupts your sweet sailings from one season to another. Life happens to everyone.

No one enjoys stormy weather…. but with life comes a lot of unexpected twist and turns. Therefore, life jackets must be worn at all times when sailing through life.

The life jackets used must be sturdy enough to weather all storms. I cannot imagine how some folks make it through life without Jesus Christ.

I love knowing that I can call on Jesus at anytime, and He will answer me with a positive thought or a word of encouragement that I am on the right pathway following Him.

Jesus tells us that we will have rough sailings, it’s a guarantee…so don’t be alarmed with the screeching sounds of trouble.

The best thing about sailing in rough weather is, the LORD Himself sails through life with us. He doesn’t jump ship when pandemonium starts.

He is the eye of the storm. We don’t need to be afraid of the outcome of anything we may be facing today, tomorrow or the next month.

Many times we get lost at sea (chapters) …but in those very scary moments when it appears that the tidal wave (unforeseen event) was wrecking our stability and trust in Jesus ….somehow miraculously He strengthens our confidence in Him and steers us emotionally back on course.

What about those ruthless pirates that jump into our boat and steal our merchandise (happiness and peace) after hitting an iceberg (all shapes and sizes of doubt and fear) …

It is written in Proverbs 3:4-5 “Trust in the LORD with all our heart; and lean not unto our own understanding. In all our ways acknowledge God, and He shall direct our path.”

“It Is Written.” Where is it written? In the Word of God…the BIBLE.

Paddling to safety is hard work. It calls for courage and no giving up to survive your boat (life) capsizing. It’s scary to be lost at sea… no one enjoys being abandoned in the ocean of life.

But, if we will only believe that Jesus Christ is LORD over the wind and waves, we are guaranteed that we will one day write home to tell them all about our shipwreck experiences.

Jesus promises to keep each and every one of us in perfect peace when we take our eyes away from the wreckage and keep our faith rooted and grounded in Him.

Jesus did it many times before and most certainly He remains consistently loyal to do it everytime we hit an iceberg (challenge).

There’s no untimely death when your faith is in the Alpha and Omega…the One who’s the Beginning and the End…the First and the Last…the only true and living God. He hears the faintest cry of whoever calls on Him in difficult times…and He delivers everyone who’s in trouble.

A relationship with Jesus doesn’t complicate things…but it enhances our lives while riding the rough waters …and long after we leave the wreckage.

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