On The Inside: Squirrel In Traffic

In the blink of an eye everything in your life can change. Change is unavoidable. No matter what you do to get around it, it’s going to happen sooner or later.

Some folks handle change like a professional footballer …while others like myself handle change like a 100 ft drop of a rollercoaster ride.

Did I tell you that I hate rollercoasters? I am not a daring person by nature…I have more of a lazy river personality where guests gently float down a river on individual tubes.

So… I’m not one of those fun loving people who wait in long lines for hours for the thrill of screaming while going over the gigantic drop of 100 ft (ask anyone who has venture out to Canada Wonderland)…

It’s reassuring to me that I am the proud recipient of unforgettable memories of surviving millions of both pleasant and unpleasant changes in my life.

The older I get is the more I want things to remain the same. Change brings about a certain measure of great discomfort to me.

I can cry much easier than I can change….and that’s the awful effect that change has on me.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s important for me to change my attitude towards change. (Wink eye. It’s okay, it’s not that bad).

So how do I cope with change? I think of it as a kidney stone….painful…but it will pass.

Here’s my strategy – I must change my thoughts and my world will change.

I make all my wishes and wants known to God. In seasons of distress and grief I find comfort, support and relief in my Heavenly Father.

He engages me with thoughts of hope and faith …. from the smallest to the largest of details in my life I am guaranteed that even if I resist change, everything will be alright.

4 thoughts on “On The Inside: Squirrel In Traffic

  1. True. Chuck Swindoll says β€œlife is 10% what happens to you (the event) and 90% how you react to it.
    Unfortunately we can not control the 10% because it has already happened and is history, but we can seek to manage the 90%. Easier said than done, but God has promised not to give us more than we can bear.

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