Deal or No Deal

Am I the only person who goes into the supermarket or drugstore and reach for the second item on the shelf – the one that’s behind the first one? I’ve repeatedly done this … and the whys still have me laughing….because I’ve never seriously thought about it.

What’s wrong with the first box or tin on the shelf? Nothing. Absolutely nothing of course.


Do we have a hard time loving ourselves but with ease we compliment the person behind us?

Are we more forgiving to folks outside of our immediate family than we are to our next of kin?

Is it easier to show respect to your boss’s family than it is to respect your own family?

Is it cooler to love someone with physical or mental limitations outside of the family than it is to be proud of the ones within the family?

I can be wrong but let me share my thoughts:

If we are not on very good terms with ourselves, then chances are we will not be happy with life.

And if we are not happy with our life…then no one close to us will be easy to love.

Our happiness depends on being happy with ourselves. And if we are happy … then love will automatically flow over to everyone without any hesitation.

Our own insecurities and personal experiences make us second guess ourselves and those within our immediate family circle.

I’ve seen folks who care deeply for others, yet they struggle to care for their next of kin withholding nothing.

When we learn to love and accept ourselves…loving those in our families will be easy.

1 John 4:20-21 says, if anyone goes on hating his next of kin and thinking nothing of it, he is a liar. If you can’t love the person you can see, how can you love God who you can’t see? The command is blunt: Loving God includes loving your next of kin. You’ve got to love both.

Is it time to stop reaching for the second item and take the first item?

Reminder: Absolutely nothing is wrong with the first item.

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