So, what do I think about having God on my side?

I cannot lose.

As I look back over my life and I recall just a few memories of my life… I have the uttermost and highest respect for God.


God didn’t hesitate for one moment to change my opinion of how I view myself. Compare to my fellow human beings…their opinions held me hostage for years.

Raising a family back in the early 70’s I took my parenting role very seriously and did all that I could have to see each one of my girls succeed….but….I never considered having my own personal goals and what those goals would look like.

I thank God that He put everything on the line for me to walk right into my destiny and purpose. Life is a gift, and everything that happens to us qualifies us to become messengers of good news.

When God has a purpose and a plan for your life, nothing can prevent or delay it from happening. That’s why I stay with God. He’s a God of timing and opportunities. It’s never too early or too late with God. Time belongs to God.

I do not compare my journey with others nor do I compete for recognition or fame. I’m pretty okay staying in my lane.

So, I do not run helter skelter because time doesn’t phase my God.

Life is not always fair, bad things happen to good people. There’s no magic wands to avoid bad things from happening. There’s a secret however, and it is to outlast your enemies, and write your legacy.

Do you think anyone or anything is going to drive a wedge between God and I? No way!

Not trouble. Not hard times. Not hatred. Not hunger. Not homelessness. Not bullying threats. Not backstabbing. Not mockery. Not popularity.

None of these things fazes me….because Jesus loves me.

I’m absolutely convinced that nothing living or dead, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable – absolutely nothing can get between God and I because of the way Jesus has embraced me.

That’s why I am convinced that every detail of my life is worked into something good. I remain UNFAZED!

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