What is graffiti? Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

I’ve seen graffiti written on tombstones, buses, trains, subways, wall ads, public washrooms, and many other public places.

The picture below is an ad of a beautiful woman whose portrait was defaced with graffiti.

Stay with me as I try to get my thoughts across.

How many times thoughtless words are spoken about us to others … or vice-versa… we have spoken thoughtless words about others?

When we used words like… ‘they say’ or when you hear things through the ‘grape vine’ and you repeat those things to others…..could it be a form of graffiti?

Words do hurt. When we find faults and ridicule each other we leave offensive graffiti scrawled all over each other’s crowns making it unbearable for anyone to hold their head up.

Our tongue has incredible power. Words scribbled over innocent faces changes the way other people see them.

The saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ has proven to be wrong. If we use our words to hurt…then it will produce hurt.

Graffiti talks and people listen. What you have said about me and what I have said about you speaks loudly into the ears of the listeners. Our listeners become judges and things spoken are not easily forgotten.

“Perception unchallenged becomes reality.” Unknown.

Perception is how you see things and if no one questions it you will always think that the way you see it is right. What makes this sad is, you pass your perception on to others….and if left unchallenged, it becomes their point of view.

Proverbs 17: 9 says, ‘Whoever would foster love COVERS over an offense,

but whoever repeats the matter SEPARATES close friends’.

There is hope if we ever find ourselves victims of graffiti. When we choose to do things God’s ways (stay pure), He orchestrates a graffiti host of angels to judge the writing, or drawings sprayed illicitly on our walls/faces and changes it into true artistic work making us famous.

“Where there’s no wood the fire dies down, and where there’s no gossip the quarrel comes to an end.” Proverbs 26: 20-22

When we chose to make God our hiding place…we will stand untouched and watch from afar. Evil can’t even get close to us and harm will not come near to us.

When we do things God’s ways, doors will be opened up for us, and unforeseen opportunities will come our way. All we have to do is to stand still and watch God work.

Let’s do it God’s way. I’m staying with God – how about you?

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