The Mother.The Baby. The Dragon

To all the God-fearing Mothers out there who are fighting on their knees for their children – the battle is fierce but the war is already won.

“Battles are usually short terms, while wars are lengthy.

Battles can be won and lost, but it may not determine the end of the war.” Google

“When God wants YOUR CORE to be strengthened, He causes you to be destabilized.” TD Jakes

Praise GOD in instability. TD Jakes

Satan knows that his time is short so he’s directing his rage towards our children.

I read the following account in the Book of Revelation and thought it was a very intriguing story….about a mother, a baby and a dragon. Being a mother too myself there are so many battles we fight simply to save our children from a life of destruction.

A woman is giving birth to a child and cries out in pain. There’s a dragon crouched before the woman in childbirth, waiting to eat up the child.

Her child is seized and placed safely before God who is sitting on the Throne.

When the dragon saw that he had no power over her child, he goes after the woman who had given birth to the child.

The woman is repeatedly protected by God.

The woman is given strength from God and escapes in safety for a time …safe and sound from the dragon.

The dragon helpless with rage ….mercilessly rages war against the woman…then he goes off to rage war with the rest of her offspring.

The devil knows he doesn’t have much time so he sends attacks after attacks to weaken our faith in God. We must remember that there will always be enmity between the serpent/satan and the woman… which got started in the Garden of Eden long before you and I were born. So this is nothing new…the battle lives on.

The secret dear mothers is to stand firm in your faith and share your stories of the miraculous times God kept our children in spite of their follies and shortcomings. Be a bearer of good news. Women empower Women.

If you find yourself swimming in self-doubt make a list of your strengths…Yes! Mothers have incredible strength and resiliency. We are able to recover quickly from difficulties. We may be stretched out of shape at times, but we are capable of getting right back into shape time after time.

Our battles today may be more about what we cannot see than what we see before us.

Protect your anointing in the battles.

Jesus had promised that the gates of Hell will not prevail against our homes/children. Be sober, be vigilant, the devil is walking around looking for anyone to devour… which means you and I if we dare quit being our children’s covering.

When God wants your core to be strengthened, He causes you to be destabilized. Bring on the old stories of God’s faithfulness – talk about it when you lie down and when you get up.

Hold on Mama … your safe place is under God’s wings.

2 thoughts on “The Mother.The Baby. The Dragon

  1. Hallelujah! The battle is not ours, but GOD’S. With JESUS in my vessel, I can smile at the storm. 💝Praise GOD for the many testimonies of those who have gone on before, declaring victory in JESUS. Thank you for the reminders 👭 💝

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