Relax Ya’ll It’s Friday

Friday is a special day in itself. It’s the last working day in the week for some people. It’s a rough cold-hearted world out there…so make time to laugh again.

We all want to be happy, but finding happiness can evade us more than we deserve.

Could it be possible that we are searching in all the wrong places for happiness? The world lost a fashion icon this week. She had the money, the fame, the looks, a daughter, a husband, the celebrity life, the rich and famous were her clients…and she took her own life because it was not enough…something was still missing in her life…😢😢😢🙏🏽

When God approves you….you can eat your food with great joy. May God fill us all with joy and peace as we trust Him with our life.

Happy is the person whose God is the LORD!

Now let’s get ready to laugh again. There’s no alarm clock set for tomorrow.

It’s time to lighten up and laugh at your own jokes or mines 😉😉😉






Make your weekend exciting and live with no regrets.

Many thanks for sharing your week with me. I’m blessed to have you here with me. Without you…there’s no me.

Please drop by again on Monday to Friday as I share my thoughts with the world.

Stay safe. Stay sweet. Stay strong. If you need someone to call – call Jesus 🙏🏽

2 thoughts on “Relax Ya’ll It’s Friday

  1. Thank you for the Friday smiles. Thank GOD for bringing us through another week. Let’s take the weekend to be recharged and renewed. I love you forever and always! 💞 💝

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