Women, we are not just a Mom. As a Christian mother I was given the awesome opportunity to teach my children the faith, virtue, and life lessons needed for them to grow into confident, responsible and mature adults.

I took this assignment very seriously and taught my girls – trusting all along the journey that they will never forget my teachings.

Last Saturday as I was rummaging through some boxes … I came across some hidden treasures. One of them was an old Bible …the pages were pretty tattered from lots of usage, scriptures highlighted, handwritten prayers, and notes scrawled on the pages.

My greatest joy was discovering pictures of my four girls glued on the inner covers of my well worn bible. I quickly remembered that I had been doing this since my first daughter was nine months old…(now I’m on a mission to find that one).

The words that I had written on the page in this bible were taken from Psalms 144:12 “That our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace”.

Today my girls are grown adults raising their own families, but I count it all joy that I personally took the responsibility to teach my girls about our Christian faith before they were introduced to the cultures of the world.

Mothers, give yourself the satisfaction and joy that you raise them up not only to be successful, but to fear God. Where our seeds are planted…there must be a harvest.

Word of encouragement from my files:

Some seeds may not germinate based on the season.…but when the perfect season comes along it will produce a harvest.

No one is powerful enough to kill our dreams for our children. Patience is a virtue so we quietly wait for things to happen in their own time.

Good parents aren’t always the ones who win, but we don’t quit until we bring home the spoils of the war. Patience is an important virtue to overcome frustration.


From generation to generation we worship the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Put on the whole armor of God…for when the evil times come, we will be able to stand against the tricks of the enemy.

We must continue to pray for our children and ask for everything we need. And our Father in Heaven promised to freely give us all that we have prayed for in faith and not in wavering.

Regardless of what our eyes may see or our ears may hear, we rest assured that God still has it all under control.

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Thank GOD for virtuous women and the privilege of sowing into the lives of our children what we have seen and heard and experienced from our own Godly mother. Praise GOD for the encouraging hope for the harvest in due season. Blessings!

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