Benefits To Knowing God

There’s a great difference in knowing God and knowing about God. Millions of people know about God… but sadly they don’t really know God.

There are many blessings and benefits when we decide to seek a relationship with God.

Knowing God is a personal decision….it doesn’t come as a family package.

The benefits of knowing God are exhaustive and limitless, but I’m only going to list a few of the benefits taken from one (1) of the sixty-six (66) books in the Bible to keep the blog short.

So here is my shortened list of benefits … all taken from one book of the Bible – Zechariah.

When you know God:

No more shall anyone treat you in an unfair and cruel way Zechariah 9:8

No one will prevent you from having opportunities and freedom

God will restore double for all your troubles – Zechariah 9:12

God will defend you Zechariah 9:15

Curses will turn into blessings, so do not be fearful. Let your hands be strong – Zechariah 8:13

God is determined to do good so do not fear – Zechariah 8:15

He will give you places to walk among those who stand watching you – Zechariah 3:7

Whatever foundation you lay….your hands will finish it – Zechariah 4:9

Do not despise the small things in your life…because the eyes of the Lord scan to and fro throughout the whole earth – Zechariah 4:10

Ask God to rain His blessings on you and the LORD will make flashing clouds to pour heavily on you Zechariah 10:1

God fights for you and all those who war against you shall be put to shame – Zechariah 10:5

God will bring you through those difficult days which were sent to test and refine you – and when you call on Him, He will answer saying, ‘This is My people’ ….and we will say, ‘The LORD is my God‘. Zechariah 13:9

Dear friends,

Pain comes in waves, but so does God’s grace. God’s grace is sufficient for you. His power is made perfect in weakness.

No teardrop goes unnoticed by God. He promises to dry away all our tears. Weeping may endure for a night, but they that know their God – joy comes in the morning.

When we know God and obey Him we will be strong and do dynamic things.

His grace is why we wake up every morning with fresh Hope and Courage.

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