God’s Been Good To Me!

Children are a gift from the LORD, a reward from a mother’s womb. Psalms 127:3

A WISE child with good sense ACCEPT correction from their parents, but STUBBORN children IGNORE it completely. Proverbs 13:1

Make your father and mother happy. Give your mother a reason to smile. Proverbs 23:25

God has been good to me!

I would like to congratulate my daughter Dr. Krissy Doyle-Thomas for accepting a full time Professorship at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.

God has been good to me!

About a year and half ago the College approached Krissy as an expert on the field to develop six new courses for their new post-graduate Brain Disorders Management and Mental Health and Disability programs.

God has been good to me!

When Krissy presented the courses she developed for the Dean’s approval in Summer 2017 – he immediately without hesitation asked her to consider teaching the courses at Mohawk College.

God keeps His promises… God has been good to me!

The dean of Mohawk College said that he had never seen such thoughtfully developed, innovative courses that would without a doubt prepare their students to be leaders in the field.

God has been good to me!

Krissy recently completed one year teaching her courses with the College while still working at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, and the response has been overwhelming for the College.

Yep! God has been good to me!

The students’ feedback has been phenomenal. The Colleges across Canada are asking for the curriculum. Enrollment has double for her course and there is now a wait list for acceptance to the programs.

Definitely, God has been good to me!

As a result the College has asked Krissy to take on a Full Time permanent Professorship with the Institution to assist taking the programs to the next level.

On repeat – God has been good to me!

I’m thankful for my family.

If all I had He took away, then I still would say, God has been good to me!

6 thoughts on “God’s Been Good To Me!

  1. Rejoicing with you. GOD has been good to you, indeed! Blessings, Dr. Krissy Doyle-Thomas, as you go where GOD leads. GOD has been good to you, indeed.

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    1. God has been good to me and by extension all who are called His own. When one is blessed….everyone is blessed. When one grieve….we all grieve. I’m always excited about your encouragement and support 👭❤


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