Chapter 63 is New Beginning

Right after a chapter of your life comes to the end …it’s time to figure out what your next chapter will look like. Every chapter has to come to an end sometime….so we need to be patient with ourselves as we move fearlessly into the future.

Today I choose to take a deep breath and start a new chapter in my life – ‘Chapter 63′ …I have 365 opportunities to make it an exciting chapter filled with great moments.

To start writing the next chapter… it’s important to have an outline. Here are my thoughts on writing my next chapters taken from the oldest book in history.

● Keep me from evil that I may NOT cause pain

● When I think about giving up, I would remember God and pray

● I am the author to my story and it’s up to me to make it a good one

● A good reputation at the time of death is far better than the loving care at the time of birth

Funerals remind us that we all must die

Corruption makes fools of sensible people, so refuse to be bribed

Let me never hold on to a grudge

Something completed is far better than something just begun

When times are good, I will be happy. When times are bad, I will think about it

God made us to enjoy good times and bad times to keep us from knowing what comes next

No one in this world always does what’s right.

Don’t listen to everything that everyone says, or you might hear your servant cursing you.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 63 is New Beginning

  1. Blessings, Junie, for an Amazing chapter 63. May your cup of blessings continue to overflow. May you be blessed multiple times over what you bless others. May your walk with GOD be closer, sweeter every day and may GOD give you the desires of your heart. May you know every day how much you are loved. 👭💝

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    1. God handpicked you to be my sister. You have loved me at my worst and my best. You have been my biggest supporter from the cradle till now. Every sister deserves a sister like you. Friends are just our added bonus. Thank you JT for always believing in me. Love you forever my sister you will be ❤👭


  2. What a book. I have read and benefitted Immensely from all 62 previous chapters. I look forward not only to chapter 63 but all to come. The author is tremendous, talented, caring beautiful and on point.

    Happy Birthday

    Love you.

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