A Bitter Pill to Swallow

“A surly, stupid child is sheer pain to a father, a bitter pill for a mother to swallow.”

Proverbs 17:25 MSG

Question: What is the meaning of a bitter pill to swallow?

Answer: Something that is very unpleasant but must be accepted. It is a truth that people do not want to face but one that cannot be avoided.

As mothers we come to realize that when we think we have experienced it all and survived it all…there’s that one curve ball that totally takes the wind out of our sails and that is losing a child to willful ignorance.

As mothers we are pretty skilled in kissing cuts and bruises when our kids were little and somehow watch how much magic that simple kissing act has on our kids. It works until they stop believing in our kisses.

Children hold a special place in a mother’s heart…but there comes a time when as mothers we have to swallow the bitter pill called ‘letting go’. It’s unpleasant but it must be accepted.

We are powerless over our adult children’s livestyles. Nothing we say or do will either control or correct it. Setting boundaries by making it clear that we do not support or want to be associated with their lifestyles is a great way to take back control of our own lives.

It’s hard to watch your loved ones deteriorate even with boundaries …but we must not become enablers. We have to surrender them to God and let go…the boundaries are really to keep us healthy and happy.

It’s good to let our adult children know how their negative behavior has affected us, how we have cried about it, how we felt betrayed, and in addition…. the level of shame and disappointment in their actions.

“Anyone with wisdom knows what makes good sense, but fools can never make up their minds.” Proverbs 17:24

Our strength as mothers is found in the journey. To trust God in the dark is called FAITH. We must never be ashamed of our scars ….scars can turn into stars when God speaks.

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