Confessions of A Wounded Heart

I once heard this quote: “Don’t tell me how good you are until you let me know how bad you were.”

So here’s my confession:

When I have gone out of my way to help someone, but they turn out to be ungrateful after receiving the help….it hurts …it really hurts.

● My heart rips into million of pieces and the pieces spill out on the ground oozing my wide range of emotions

● Ooops….those were the pieces of my own heart that I accidentally stepped on in my anger, and now it hurts even more

● Now, it hurts even more as I try to put the fragile pieces of my broken heart together as the tears fall profusely down my face with little or no visibility at times

● Why did I allow someone’s negative behavior to make me feel that I was incompetent in handling my reactions

● Ooops….I got upset. I yelled because I was angry. I’m now left with a huge amount of guilt. And a little chance of getting over the painful experience along with the aftermath.

So, my friends, God is still working on me while I learn how to pass the test of handling a wounded heart.

Sometimes things that hurt us the most, teach us the greatest lessons.

I realize that I don’t have much control over the emotion I experience in the given moment. But, I could practice controlling my emotions by interrupting my negative thoughts.

If I simply took one moment to stop and think before I spoke or acted… it could have prevented me from reliving those painful and embarrassing moments.

I’ve learnt that if I want to be happy – I cannot hold on to whatever made me angry. If I keep rehashing the story …the pain lives on.

I’ve found setting boundaries is a great way to avoid repeats of negative behavior.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger. This certainly made it into the Bible as a reminder that it is doable with the help of The Omnipresent God who sees and knows everything.

Forgiving is about me choosing to leave the pain behind and to walk on in freedom.

When I forgive, I prevent anyone from holding my emotions hostage. I am free to move on to happier times.

Recognizing that I am not perfect is a huge step forward to being humble instead of hateful because we all are passengers in the same boat called ‘Imperfections’.

My rights to get even must be tossed out because it’s too heavy to carry around. It’s not fair… but it’s also unhealthy and unproductive.

I keep deleting records of persons who have hurt me and the list of wrongs done to me before my brain crashes.

I’m now working on my masterpiece of how to become a better version of myself.

The world is overpopulated with hurting people so my aim is to be different. I have the courage to change the ending of my story.

God can take my brokenness and add music to it so I can dance to a new drumbeat.

My pride had to be shattered in order for me to become the person I wanted to be a long time ago.

Finally, if I don’t forgive those who have caused my pain – I will begin to look like them.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of A Wounded Heart

  1. GOD is still working on us, to make us what we ought to be. The end of the story is not yet written. The best is yet to come. 🙏🏽🤗👭💝

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