You Are Stronger Than You Know

Learning to let go and making peace with people you cannot change is important.

Note to self –

The only control we have over anything or any person is how we choose to react. The birds will keep on flying over our heads… but ….we can prevent them from building a nest in our hair. Don’t allow anyone the freedom to mess with your head.

We cannot force anyone to do things, or to apologize, or to communicate in a way that’s cordial or sincere….it will weary us out and leave us bitter not better.

So I’ve come up with some tips to keep us sane in a stressful situation :

■ Take a break away from what’s upsetting you.

Take all the crazy experiences and lessons and write a thank you note. We will not be who are today if it wasn’t for the lessons we learned in our crazy mess up world.

Don’t get annoyed by anyone who does wrong. Don’t envy them. Don’t compete.

■ Continue to trust God and live right. Sip your tea and mind your own business.

■ Don’t sweat when things go well with those who do evil. Evil people have no future. Their lights go out quickly.

■ Don’t be angry or furious. Anger can lead to sin and sin brings an early death. Heart attacks, brain aneurysms etc…

The good news is:

● The LORD laughs at those who plan evil because He knows their time is short.

It’s better to live right and be poor than to be sinful and rich.

The wicked will lose all of their power, but the LORD gives strength to everyone who is good.

● Those who obey the LORD are daily in His care and what He has given them will be theirs forever.

When times are bad we won’t be in trouble. We will have plenty when food is scarce.

● A good person is generous and never stops giving.

● If we do what the LORD wants, He will make certain each step we take is sure.

● As long as I can remember, good people have never been left helpess, and their children have never gone begging for food.

4 thoughts on “You Are Stronger Than You Know

  1. Yep. We are in control of and are responsible for our own happiness. This is our God given responsibility and should never be delegated.
    Keep on writing and providing excellent words of wisdom and encouragement.

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