Time Is Up!

Stuff happens all the time. It appears we could never get a long break before something or someone trips us up…but withholding forgiveness is poisonous and leads to having strange evil thoughts taking up permanent space in our minds.

Unforgiveness is like getting stuck behind a disabled car on a busy twelve lanes highway in rush hour. You can fuss, use a dictionary of swear words, accelerate the gas pedal, honk the car horn, come out of the car with rage….the reality is… you will remain stuck in that same position until you decide to find a way to get out of the mess.

Sometimes years past and we find ourselves still sitting behind the disabled vehicle of grudges, offense, hurts and resentment.

It’s very frustrating if we ever find ourselves in that predicament.

Tagging along unforgiveness – Years go by and we missed out on the births of our new villagers, family birthdays, weddings, family reunions, dinners, and even funerals of our loved ones just because we held on to grudges.

So much get lost in the fire of harboring pain and hurt. It’s like a hoarder who refuses to clean out their trash. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Unforgiveness affects our health and our mind…and does absolutely nothing to the other person.

Unforgiveness blocks God’s forgiveness from operating in our lives.

I would be embarrassed to find out that my mistakes and shortcomings were unpardonable and I am now forced to carry them around in public for the rest of my life.

We need forgiveness… and …others need our forgiveness.

Unforgiveness is like giving a mentally ill person permission to live inside of our heads. They will walk up and down, run around, rudely interrupt our sleep in the wee hours of the morning, and dialogue with us for hours unending.

The struggle to forgive is real…but the long term effects is unpardonable.

Jesus has paid an extraordinary price by dying on the cross for our emotional wounds, hurts, pain, and resentment …so it’s always the right time to tell all the evil occupants in our heads to leave because our future looks bright.

The time is up!

Ejecting them out is essential to our own sanity.

The graveyard is overcrowded with people who died bitter. Many of them are our close relatives and friends.

Accepting Jesus peace in exchange for giving up the weight of unforgiveness is an excellent tradeoff. It’s humanly impossible to forgive without Jesus Christ coming alongside to help us.

Without Jesus, the struggle remains real….but with Jesus the freedom is sure.

With God’s power working in our minds we can destroy arguments and every bit of pride that has held us captive over the decades.

4 thoughts on “Time Is Up!

  1. Junie, thank you for this honest admonishment and reminder and the challenge that “Time’s up!” If not now, when?
    Standing with you in the liberty wherewith CHRIST has made us free. Walking with you from glory to glory and running with you to finish our race strong 👭💝

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