Will It Be A Happy Meal?

By the time we realize our mothers were right, our children would have grown up and thought that everything we did was wrong.

My fellow parents, it is not our money in the bank, or the location of our house that makes our home a happy home.

If the Lord is not building and watching over our homes…we are wasting our time.

Our children are gifts given to us for a short period of time. Childhood is a short season. We have a little window to groom, and nature, and love our children.

Most millennial moms don’t want to raise their children the same way they were bought up.

But the truth be told – there’s no happy meal that can substitute for the older women teaching the younger women to love their children, to be self-controlled, to be busy at home, and to teach the values that make up the foundation of a good home.

Turning to YouTube and Google to learn how to manage the different stages in our children’s lives will turn out to be disastrous.


Because our kids are also turning to the same media sources to learn how to live their lives free from parental control.

The devil learns from our mistakes even if we ourselves don’t learn from our mistakes.

I’ve seen a great tragedy:

Children going home to babysitters and live-in nannies in the absence of their parents

Children becoming exposed to risky behavior and negative feelings if left alone without a hands-on parent

The instability of the family circle also creates huge fears in the lives of children

Allowing children to be fully opinionated regardless of the topics at hand leads to a breakdown in the family. Where there’s no law – there’s no order.

The devil learns from our mistakes even though we don’t. Is it time to break the cycle? There are some things in life that cannot be recovered:

The moments after they are missed

The years after they are gone

The social media culture in this world is not on our side.

I researched some statistics over the internet and found that every year 12,000 children aged between 5-14 years old are admitted to psychiatric hospitals for suicidal disorder or mental illness.

Who is in charge of nurturing our children? Who are the role models in our homes?

Ten years from today, would our children be proud of us, and would we be proud of our children?

Children are arrows in our hands, if we are irresponsible archers then there will be many casualties and early deaths.

One of the best ways to teach values to our kids is by our example.

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