One Day At A Time

Many people say the Lord’s Prayer as a daily prayer once a day or twice a day. But, I say this prayer twice a day, and sometimes when I feel like my world is falling apart.

Times when I need to move past my hurts, or times when I may have offended others, or times when I need to remind myself that I only need to take one day at a time.

So let me share my personal thoughts on why I love saying this prayer:

God knew that at times I may not know what I ought to pray for … so He being a great Father give me guidelines to help me pray with confidence. It is like a handwritten letter sent from Heaven to Earth

Our Father is the opening statement which is all inclusive to each and everyone of us.

This excludes us praying to saints or angels etc…all of whom really can’t help us.

As children we can boldly come directly to our Father and never through a third party.

God is accessible to all.

Because we are children – it’s expected that we will fall short of our Father’s expectations, and become fearful to approach Him.

God is not out of touch with our human reality.

He has experienced it all yet without sinning.

Let us approach God with confidence and without intimidation.

We pray His Kingdom come – no friend should ever let a friend go to Hell.

We have a loving Father who knows our names and answers when we call regardless of our past or present.

Because the love of God is so relevant it should be shared accordingly.

Our goal is to please God first and hold each other’s hands for support and encouragement.

WWJD – let the world knows that there’s nothing we can do that will stop God from loving us. His kingdom can come to earth.

Give us this day our daily bread. We ask for bread as a daily reminder that we should not be anxious about tomorrow.

God is not lending us or selling us the daily bread.

He is giving us our daily bread/ability to live every day.

Every morning there’s a new supply of bread/courage/strength/support/love/etc

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us – God forgives us of our past, present and future sins.

We must forgive our offenders, our haters, and our enemies.

I use this line often when I become offended ….it helps me to remain humble remembering that I too mess up a great deal.

Lead us not into temptation is saying, “Lord, do not leave us to ourselves for we are very weak.”

It’s the guilt and grief that follows after temptation ….that leaves us mess up.

Stolen water is sweet. Stolen bread tastes good.

No one really knows about all the skeletons in the closets that end up in Hell.

But deliver us from evil….We need God to keep us from the evil that surrounds us wherever we go.

Evil men lie in wait for our souls.

The earth is full of corruption. We need God to keep us from every kind of evil.

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever, and ever. Amen

So here my friends is why the Lord’s prayer is so relevant to you and I. We can’t go wrong when we pray with understanding.

Here’s to an amazing week as we pray one for another.

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