Pretty to See. Hard to Catch

Christian principles and standards for women may appear old fashioned and weird in comparison with the trend of the times we live in.

But if we as women want to be respected …we must have the courage to stand alone in the light of public opinion.

Having strong values and self-respect can save us from a lifetime of regrets and painful consequences.

I am fascinated by a woman named Vashti. Queen Vashti must have been one of the most beautiful women in her times. She was dethroned because she refused to display her beauty and body before the lustful eyes of drunken men who were her husband’s guests at his royal feast.

Her self respect and strong beliefs meant more to her than her husband’s kingdom and the title of ‘Queen’. She held on to her strong convictions of modesty in exchange for her crown. She was clothed with strength and dignity.

To be a queen it takes more than fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes. To be a true queen, our beauty should come from within – a gentle and quiet spirit. That beauty will never disappear.

Ladies, when men are sober they are genuine in their words and their actions. They can be trusted to make great decisions. They cover and protect you, they don’t expose you. They remember the things they said and did the night before.

When men are intoxicated they parade you for others to feast their eyes on. Intoxicated men are plain jerks. They do not remember what they did or said the night before.

Wine and beer make people lose control, they get loud and stumble around. And that is foolish.

Queen Vashti should be admired for her principles, and courage. She had dignity. She had self-respect. She refused to be paraded in the sight of drunken men.

I’m assuming that Queen Vashti understood that it was okay to live a life that others didn’t understand. She may have lost her crown but not her self-worth.

A woman is unstoppable after she realizes that she deserves better.

Somethings to think about:

■ Fashion and Popularity are a low price to pay for the loss of self-respect.

■ It’s okay to be classy and unpopular when everyone else is behaving wild at the parties.

■ We cannot undo anything we have done.

■ Folks hear things about us before they actually meet us. These things can either be positive or negative.

The true question is – ‘Would we give up the crown in exchange for our values?’

Our value doesn’t decrease because we are not chosen to parade on the runways of a beauty pageant.

Self respect is what makes us sleep well at nights after the pageant is done.

We are always one decision away from a totally different life.

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