Bring it on! Not Broken Yet!

Sometimes when we are faced with tough situations whether at home, on the job, relationships, or finances…the truth is – it’s hard to keep going.

The good thing is, everything that we face has an expiry date. Every thing must come to pass. It may not pass the way we hoped …but it will pass.

One very painful break-up happens, or someone betrays our trust, or someone dies, or we received the most disheartening news….whatever it may be, our life spirals into survival mode. If we have been through a lot and we are still standing … believe me… we are stronger than we think.

When our hearts are troubled – over analyzing the situation comes naturally…but it creates greater anxiety and undue stress.

Giving ourselves permission to step back and take a break away from the situation at hand is a great option rather than giving up. Giving up is permanent. Resting is temporary.

Whether we are a Christian, an Atheist, a Muslim, a Hindu or any other religion …we all have the same enemy who is constantly at work 24/7 determined to destroy our confidence by whispering disturbing lies to us.

Fear seems to be his favorite tool to use against us. If the devil can convince us that we are never good enough, tall enough, thin enough, beautiful enough, not smart enough, didn’t pray enough….he just made a victory lap around our bed.

This is one of the Bible verses that has kept me going from strength to strength.

I have made it personal by putting in my name and you too can do the same:

Isaiah 40:27-31


Why would you ever complain or whine June, saying, “God has lost track of me. He doesn’t care what happens to me”?


God doesn’t come and go. God stays.

He’s the Creator of everything that I can see or imagine.

He doesn’t get tired out, doesn’t pause to catch His breath.

And He knows everything, inside and out.

He energizes me when I get tired, gives fresh strength to me when I feel like dropping out.

But when I wait on God He gives me fresh strength.

I run and don’t get tired, I walk and don’t lag.”

One small crack doesn’t mean that we are broken, it means we were put to the test and we didn’t fall apart. God is strong and can keep us from falling apart.

Our goal is to stop the devil from planting negative thoughts at nights in our brains and resist the urge to overthink our circumstances. Never lose faith in God.

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