No Guts. No Glory.

Most of us can agree that parenting is no easy task when life gets hard and you feel all alone. It also takes a lot of self-restraint to allow our children to suffer the consequences of their decisions.

Mothers are their children’s covering…we are like watchmen over their lives. We want the best for them with the slimmest chance of them living with regrets. But some children have never been good at listening to their parents, so consequences make great teachers.

There are times when our kids get derailed like trains and they end up like old train wrecks. This becomes a nightmare for the whole family, but we must allow them to suffer the consequences with the hope that they will learn from their mistakes.

When they are small …they throw tantrums that scare the wits out of us. When they get older … they ask for their inheritance and squander it all in a blink of an eye.

Figuratively speaking… our once cute perfect babies grow up to become our pacemakers that sometimes send us into the critical care unit for close monitoring bought on by trauma and multiple organ failures.

Parenting is a job that requires courage and the stamina to get through any given day in the lives of our ‘not so’ young children.

As parents, we must train ourselves to handle difficulties with set boundaries of what makes us unhappy or uncomfortable.

Sometimes we need to step back and stop, and listen to our thoughts.

The good news is – we have a Heavenly Father who knows our names and answers when we call. He knows how to lovingly comfort and support us in all our parental challenges… so that we may comfort others who find themselves in the critical care unit.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. We need both the Word and God to get to the finished line.

Ask God for courage to finish strong. Having done all – STAND.

Become aware of God’s love in spite of what we may see or hear, and believe that all will be well at the end of the road.

Keep on kneeling in humility towards God and He will give you the strength to stand up strong.

Everyone who asks receives. Nothing happens in our lives without God’s permission. If He allows it – He has purpose.

Patience with ourselves when we don’t know our next move… depends on the level of faith we have in God.

It doesn’t matter how slowly we move when things get rough as long as we don’t quit on ourselves.

4 thoughts on “No Guts. No Glory.

  1. It is comforting to be reminded that GOD loves our children more than we can ever love them. They are never outside of HIS care. HE’S got this! ❤

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