Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down!

I remembered in 2012 we took our oldest grandkids to be part of thousands of spectators who came together to watch Nikolas Wallenda (the first person) walk on a tightrope across the Niagara Falls.

It was an unforgettable moment as we took in this breathtaking performance.

Nickolas Wallenda cautiously walked over raging waters step by step for most of the twenty-five minutes until he got closer to the end, then he did the most unthinkable thing – he ran across the last few steps with his safety rope hooked to his waist.

The rope was to prevent him from plunging to his death should he lose balance.

During his crossing which begun from the New York side of the Falls, he spoke with his father on his headset until he arrived on the Canadian side of the Falls.

He was welcomed by two Custom officers who jokingly asked for his passport. He also took part in a live interview as he came closer to the miraculous end of his journey on the Canadian side of the Falls.

The weather was great, but if you have ever been to Niagara Falls, there’s always a blinding mist coming off the Falls as the wind blows.

Certainly, Nickolas would have had quite a heavy blast of blinding mist hitting his face from time to time. His journey across the Falls took place late in the night which by any means was not an easy task.

What are my ‘aha moments’ :

Whatever you are doing don’t look back. Don’t look down. Don’t lose momentum.

You might be the first person to survive your current ordeal…but you must believe that you can … so others will be inspired.

Remember, we always have a cloud of witnesses looking on at us. Some may be cheering, some may be holding their breath, others may have missed what actually happened, but will read all about it in the morning news …so do it for yourself.

Find your tribe who believe in you. Put on your headsets and listen to that person or persons whose coaching you along your journey.

Walk steadily step by step. The race is never set up for the swiftest but only for those who dare to finish strong. Stay in the race. Little steps adds up to determination.

If Jesus is all you have, then Jesus is all you need. Tie a knot to the end of the rope and hold on.

You will live and not die. You will tell the world how you made it. It’s not over until your mess becomes a message.

Learn to dance in the rain. If you wait for the rain to pass, you will lose valuable lessons that was set up for the rainy season in your life.

While others are winning you must not be found whining.

Whatever you do, don’t look down! Don’t look back! Don’t lose momentum!

2 thoughts on “Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down!

  1. Powerful words of encouragement and instruction. I appreciate your dedication to sharing your thoughts daily. Do not get weary in well-doing, for you will reap a harvest if you do not faint. 🙇💝

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