Use It Or Lose It

When my girls were little, there was an unwritten rule among themselves when we sat down to eat. It went like this – “Hey, you stole my seat!”

The tears will flow from the eyes of the pretty traumatized sibling while the rest of us waited impatiently to see how this matter would resolve (all of a few seconds which felt like a lifetime).

As a Mom, I choose not to put on my lawyer’s robe to settle this matter. It was totally up to the both parties to resolve it on their own.

Please believe me if I tell you that there were lots more chairs available around the table…but…that’s life.

Here’s the truth – If you are not using something, you stand a chance of losing it.

What about the following things:






☆ Confidence – Do not throw away your confidence. Your confidence has a great reward.

☆ Time – we are never guaranteed tomorrow. We cannot boast of tomorrow. Our lives are like a vapor, do not procrastinate.

☆ Opportunities – make the most of every opportunity, because our days are numbered.

☆ Relationships – be friends with the wise, and you will become wise.

☆ Love – God made them male and female. The two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh.


If you don’t use something, you will lose it.

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