Time is the most important thing in life

Don’t let the pain from our past or present keep us back from moving forward.

I’ve found out that my most wasted and unproductive chapters in my life were found when I held grudges towards those who had wronged me.

It was one of my best days when maturity and good sense introduced themselves to me. I was released from a lifetime of bitterness, resentment and hatred.

Was it easy to let go of people that did me wrong?

No! But there’s a difference between behaving and thinking like a child and choosing to grow wiser and more mature with each and every experience.

I call my birthdays ‘Chapters’. My life is made up of many chapters. Some chapters need to be closed before I start to write new ones.

I’ve learnt that every experience I have encountered in life was actually preparing me for something bigger and happier in life once I was willing to close some chapters.

Some chapters are great, and some as painful as they come, yet they all have loads of wisdom hidden between the pages.

Some chapters are like having guest…you just need to make yourself comfortable with them until you can close those chapters.

Some chapters call for change and action. I believe that we do have alarm clocks that provide a clue when change is needed.

Getting to the end of a bad chapter is not the end of life. Life goes on. A bad chapter is just that – a bad chapter…it’s different from having a bad life. All is not lost.

The action necessary is to get rid of all toxic emotions that are hidden and masked behind our smiles. Don’t carry grudges around when we can use them as stepping stones. Get over it! This too will pass.

A less complicated way to live is, be honest with yourself by letting go of things that will make us bitter and not better.

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