Life is like A Box of Chocolates

I’ve ripped the wrapping off my box of assorted chocolates and I’m about to share them with you today.

I fell apart, and guess what? I didn’t die. Instead, I got back up on my feet, dust my hands and stood up tall. I survived the fall.

I tried to hold on…I tried a few times to let go…then the time came for me to make a choice…then I chose to let it go. I survived the guilt.

I had to fight the challenges of a sometimes difficult life…and guess what? Life doesn’t get easier, I just get stronger.

Negativity knocked me time after time…but I am a resilient woman.

I lie on my bed exhausted after a long day … but my mind refuses to slow down breaking the speed limit of a tired soul. I now have to quickly adjust the speed of my thoughts bringing it under my control.

Sometimes I feel broken and misused … then I remembered it was the morning of my test.

Aha Moment:

Whatever is in your box of assorted chocolates be assured that there’s a reason they are there. They were originally yours anyways.

We are all simply trying to be BETTER than the person we were YESTERDAY.

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