Let NO ONE Despise You!

To despise means to detest, hate, dislike, scorn, slight, look down on, jeer at, mock, to feel a strong dislike for someone, etc….Now, let’s read over the topic – “Let no one despise you”.

The following are some thoughts to ponder on to protect our heart:

Do not allow anyone to treat you as if you were not important. Dimming your lights will make you miss your destination. We need to put on the full beam headlights to see as far ahead as possible.

The relationship you have with yourself is the same relationship you will have with others, and others will have with you. So have the greatest relationship with yourself. Talk to yourself the way you will talk to someone who wants to give up on life.

Pick your inner circle with wisdom, and keep loving the people who you think you deserve. Don’t act out of desperation. Real friends come in quality not quantity.

Social Media is selling a lifestyle that is totally unrealistic…and many people are coming short because of low self-esteem. We should be proud of our values, beliefs and our life’s experiences.

When I look in the mirror what I see should motivate me to become a better person.

Don’t let anyone despise you because your journey is different. Insecurity is when we start comparing ourselves with others. Believe in your journey, and own it.

True confidence is when you know who you are and you don’t need to prove it.

Finally, don’t make any decision on the advice of those who don’t have to live with the consequences. Feel free to walk away from anyone who make you feel hard to love.

It’s really okay to walk away from unnecessary drama and find your circle of true friendship.

2 thoughts on “Let NO ONE Despise You!

  1. LORD, give us eyes to see ourselves as YOU see us. Help us to find our worth in YOU. Keep us grounded in YOUR love and unmerited favour. Amen 💖

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