Excuse Me: I’ve Got Some Giants To Kill

Everything in our lives has purpose…our pain has purpose. There’s a reason for our struggles. But one thing I’m very confident about – God can turn situations around very quickly.

We are going to WIN!!!

But, before we start our victory dance…we’ve got some giants to kill.

Some people are troublemakers. They are always thinking up some wicked plans and telling lies.

They use secret codes to cheat people. They wink with their eyes to get other people’s attention.

The Lord hates 7 things:

A proud and arrogant look

Lying tongues

Hands that kill innocent people

Hearts that plan evil things to do

Feet that run to do evil

Witnesses in court who tells lies

Anyone who causes family members to fight

Proverbs 6:12-19

When David seized the opportunity to go and fight Goliath….nobody thought he had a chance to win.

Not his brothers. Not King Saul. Not the army of the King. But in spite of all the doubters, David remained strong in faith.

All of us face giants in our lives. Sometimes they come disguised in the list of the 7 things God hates – arrogant people, lying tongues, hands that kill innocent people, etc (you can review the list above)the truth must be told – we all will face giants.

The good news is with God’s help we will overcome the giants in our lives. God will use our faithfulness to get us to another level where we will either outlast or outgrow our enemies.

When everyone else is focusing on their giants, we will focus on God – His goodness to us, and reflecting on the many times God delivered us out of all our troubles.

Lastly…keep faith that God will deliver us from our giants.

2 thoughts on “Excuse Me: I’ve Got Some Giants To Kill

  1. With GOD’S help, we will overcome. Thank you for your faithfulness in sending words of wisdom and encouragement daily. May you continue to be strengthened in the work that you have been called to do. Having put your hands to the plow, there is no looking back or turning around. Blessings! 👭 💝

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