We Are Awesome

This is a photogrid of three different pictures of a rose. Picture 1 – fresh and beautiful. Picture 2 – a few days old. Picture 3 – age has taken its toll.

All three pictures … one thing remains unchangeable and that is the name… it is a ROSE.

In life, we start off with everyone wanting to pick us up as babies and love on us. Followed by us having to deal with negative thoughts and feelings bought on by what people say about us and how they treat us.

Then for some of us, we move on to marriage and having kids…then life takes a toll on us as we juggle work, home, family, challenges, health problems, balancing the budget, etc.

Regardless of how dull, and repetitive our lives may be …let us never forget that we are AWESOME. Like the ROSE, one thing remains unchangeable and that is, we are AWESOME.

◇ When we walk into a room, don’t be intimidated by those in the room.

The most powerful person in the room may be dealing with some giants that you nor I know about.

The prettiest girl in the room may be fighting real life demons that you and I cannot handle.

Resist the urge to compare yourself with those around the table. Be humble. Be thankful. Be awesome. Be a positive influence.

Get up every morning and tell yourself, “I can do this” …. we are powerful when…. we love others, when we forgive ourselves and those who have offended us, and when we pray for each other.

The way people treat us, speaks more about them than us. Life is a stage where we are all actors. Relax. Stay calm. Keep loving others.

True beauty has more to do with our hearts than our faces. Accept who you are and go out of your way to make someone else’s life beautiful.

You can’t change your past, so let it go and move on with greater wisdom. Our mistakes are our best teachers. If you get a speeding ticket one day, the next day you will be more cautious. Mistakes are not final.

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