Don’t Let The World Make You Hate

Rule #1 – Don’t let the behavior of others make us become bitter. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be sad. But it’s always regrettable to do others wrong because they have wronged us.

My good friend Jesus had inner circle relationship issues – His B.F.F. were Judas who betrayed His trust. Peter, His bosom friend denied their relationship. Thomas was in His inner circle and still wanted proof that He was really who He said He was.

Yes, even the Son of God had relationships issues that did not make Him hate the world….but instead lead Him along a lonely road to die for the same folks who did Him wrong.

Let’s talk about us now – People who love from an overflowing heart can become victims of a wounded spirit if the love shared is with someone who has not addressed their personal issues.

The love between the two parties will be unbalanced and cannot be reciprocated by the receiver because it’s a dysfunctional relationship.

Nothing is more painful than when your love is abused by someone who is blinded by their own insecurities.

Aha Moment: Take back your power by turning your pain into knowledge. The more knowledge you have of those in your inner circle is the more powerful you will become. Don’t let the world make you hate.

All experiences (good or bad) helps us to understand ourselves and those around us.

We are now stronger because we were forced to survive something that was meant to destroy us.

In the meantime – don’t let the world make you hate or become cold and insensitive.

Recognizing that we cannot control another person’s behavior is wisdom.

In the good and in the bad times – you are still forever an amazing human being doing the best you know how in a difficult situation.

A huge storm can cause waves to pour into your boat, threatening to sink it. It was reported that Jesus was in the midst of a storm positioned at the stern of the boat, with his head on a pillow, sleeping.

Yeah! – Storm. Head on a pillow. Sleeping.

Guess what?

Get your head on a pillow and wait for Jesus to speak to the unrest, and settle the storms in your life.

The wind will run out of breath and things will settle down as it always does when we remain strong in faith.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Let The World Make You Hate

  1. June, again what timing. I haven’t had time to be reading your blogs but today I did. AHA moment !! Today I have a heavy heart because of a friend just like this. I know I need to let her go, again it’s painful but I also see the need for me to stay on my own journey. Thank you for your words of wisdom thank God for his timing. HE amazes me more and more everyday. Your blogs fill me with hope.


    1. My friend, thank you for your uplifting comment. I believe when we have been strengthened, go strengthen your tribe. Don’t let the behavior of others make you hate. It’s okay to feel sad, but take back your power by turning your pain into wisdom. We are stronger because we survived something that was meant to destroy us.

      Go find your pillow. Put your head on it and allow Jesus to fix it.


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