Someone once said, “A tree with strong roots laughs at storms.” Roots are great for the soil because it holds the plant in place….it prevents the soil from washing away. No wonder the tree with strong roots can laugh at the storms.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a tree that stood tall and majestic that had its roots intertwined and locked together. It held my interest for a while.

So many thoughts went through my mind as I stood in complete awe at this majestic view.

Can you imagine how many years it took for this tree to have its strong roots? I’m guessing there may have been other trees whose roots got intertwined with this tree making it as strong as it is.

While the world we live in seems to be screaming at us that loyalty and togetherness is something of the past…our roots are losing their strengths making it hard to withstand the storms of life.

My Aha Moment:

Too often we take relationships for granted. Relationships calls for investment, time, commitment and loyalty in order to have strong roots that can weather the storms….and those ingredients seems to be missing in our world.

Two is better than one because they have a great reward for their hard work. To grow like a tree with strong roots …we must stick together, support and help each other. There is a great reward for our hard work.

Healthy relationships can face the worst… than if one person decides to go it alone.

When we share the work, we share the wealth. If one falls down, then the other one helps….but if there’s no one to help… then there’s trouble in the horizon.

A three stranded rope doesn’t easily snap. It’s important that we do not do life alone…including God into our relationship makes life worth living.

Relationships are important and a healthy relationship is visible at the roots.

All relationships have its ups and downs …but we can agree to disagree…and fight fair.

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